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Is your company registered in the United States?

Yes, we are an American company. We adhere to all applicable legislation requirements and work legally.

Do you serve only the American customer? What about those from other countries?

We truly believe that providing academic help for those who need it should not be affected by national boundaries. That is why we accept orders from students all over the world. Moreover, we employ writers of diverse academic and ethnic backgrounds. That is why we were able to achieve the highest level of quality in the industry. Thus, every writer takes into consideration all details that were submitted by a customer and delivers a custom paper. In addition to that, our experts are able to imitate the writing style of a customer making the new work seem similar to those written before.

Does your company have a competitive advantage?

There are numerous aspects that allow us to stay ahead of the competition. First of all, we guarantee that every order that is delivered to the customer will meet all the requirement set up in the original instructions. Secondly, we provide only 100% original works. This way you don’t have to worry about plagiarism checkers that your school may use. Finally, we take into account all aspects of every single order and make sure that you will get the highest marks with our help.

Are the writers in the company highly qualified?

Yes, we only employ the best writers: each of they is highly qualified in one or several areas. In addition to that, a candidate for a writer’s position has to have at least a Master’s degree in one field and a five-year experience in academic writing.

Do you provide discounts?

Yes, you can enjoy a variety of discounts. We specifically favor new as well as returning customers. To learn more about your discount options, please contact the Support Team for additional information. We have packages that are tailored to meet diverse needs and you will surely find the one that suits you the best.

Do you provide reliable references for the paper?

Each our writer is experienced in searching reliable academic sources. Moreover, our company has access to several libraries. We highly appreciate if you send a copy of a rare source to the writers if you want them to use it: this way they can start right away without looking for it online. Please note that the amount of information that you provide about the assignment directly influence the quality of the paper. In order to meet specific educational requirements of your facility, we welcome you to send notes, lectures or presentations so that the writers could use the exact terminology that your professors are using.

Can I make changes in the original instructions before I receive the paper?

Yes, you can: since quality is the highest priority for our writers, you are welcome to guide them by providing suggestions regarding the topic. All comments that were made by your academic supervisor will be taken into account. You can easily add new information via email.

How can I check on the status of my paper?

Of course, you are entitled to any information about the paper that you ordered. To receive the latest updates, please contact the Support Team via Life Chat or send them an email.

Is it possible to talk to my writer directly?

Yes, you can send messages to your writer whenever you feel to. Please contact our Support Team and ask them to deliver a message to the writer that you were assigned to.

Can I receive a draft of the paper in advance?

Sure, that will not be a problem. Please tell us that you want to receive a draft beforehand and the writer will send the first page of the text after it is completed.

I have more questions about your service, who do I ask?

Our Support team is happy to answer any your question about our company or the paper that you ordered. To contact them, please you Live Chat window on our website or send an email.

When will my paper be ready?

The deadline depends on your request. In spite of the fact that we do our best, please note that we expect you to provide us realistic deadlines. Moreover, if you want your paper to be completed earlier, you pay for this option.

How do I receive the paper?

After your work is done, it will be sent to you via email.

Will I end up paying more that your website indicates?

No, absolutely not: the price that you see when you place the order is the one that you will pay. There are no hidden payments or secret commissions. We are proud to tell you that we never charge more that we agreed on. However, if you want to add additional pages, you will have to pay for them before you receive them.

Is my writer a specialist in his/her field?

Yes, we employ on those who are real specialists in what they do. Keep in mind that the lowest degree of our writers is Master’s degree, many have Ph. D. Moreover, the average experience in the academic writing is six and a half years.

Will my paper be written on time?

Yes, we can guarantee that. Our company is known for its remarkable accuracy when it comes to delivering the paper. Deadline is always sacred for us: all our customers reported that they were confident in their writers and there are zero instances of late submissions. We are strongly convinced that respect for deadlines reflects our professionalism. In addition to that, we also understand that missing a deadline may have a negative impact on our client’s academic career. That is why you should worry at all.

Are your papers free of plagiarism?

Yes, they are absolutely free of plagiarism. Our company utilizes state of the art software that allows us to trace even the slightest traces of material that was used without proper reference. In addition to that, our corporate culture focuses on integrity and adherence to the regulations of the academic world which views plagiarism as a serious offense.

Will I be fully satisfied with your service?

Yes, we will work hard to achieve this. Our writers make sure that all your comments and suggestions are taken into account. That is why the paper that you will receive will be exactly as you wanted it to be. Nevertheless, if you feel that there are some aspects that were overlooked or you believe that the writer did not everything right, you can use our free revision option. The writers will be happy to revise the paper and make sure that you are fully satisfied with it.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the paper?

Yes, you are entitled to a refund, if the writer fails to deliver a paper the follows the original instructions. Before you can ask for a refund, you are entitled to an unlimited number of revisions in order to make sure that any problem is handled. You can change your writer if you feel that he or she is not capable of delivering the paper you want.